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Why work for us

Benshaw is a company that specializes in solid state reduced voltage electric motor controls, motor protection and variable frequency drives. Benshaw manufactures and engineers motor controls from 208V through 15KV, with Horsepower ranges from fractional to 60,000 hp (45,000 kW). Benshaw was incorporated in 1974 as a small sideline for four men: Bob Schaltenbrand, Rich Benko, Pramodh Nijawan and Louis Posa. The name "Benshaw" came from Benko and Schaltenbrand. The men planned to work part-time until the company was able to financially support each of them. During its early years, most of the companys efforts were in panel manufacturing and sub-assembly. After a time, the men parted ways following different career paths. Benshaw Inc. was left to Bob Schaltenbrand alone. Bob Schaltenbrand worked for a number of companies, but was unfulfilled and had ideas of his own. In 1979 Bob and Sandy Schaltenbrand were approached by Saftronics Ltd. in Canada to start Saftronics Inc. in the United States. The Schaltenbrands would own 40% of the company and operate the motor control manufacturing company in the United States. Within a year, the operation was moved out of their home and a couple of employees were hired. Operational and technical problems arose which ended the Schaltenbrand-Saftronics business relationship.