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CTLGroup is an internationally recognized expert consulting engineering and materials science firm that provides engineering, testing and scientific services to clients in the following markets: Building & Facilities; Emergent Solutions; Energy & Resources; Litigation & Insurance; Materials & Products; and Transportation. Its staff includes professionals from the fields of civil, structural, mechanical engineering, architecture, geology, chemistry, ceramics and materials science. Serving clients from around the globe, CTLGroup maintains corporate offices and laboratories in Chicago (Skokie, Illinois) and Doha, State of Qatar and consulting offices in Austin, TX; Bradenton, FL; Horsham, PA; Naperville, IL; and Washington, DC. Services for clients in New York and North Carolina are provided through CTL Engineers & Construction Technology Consultants, P.C. Website: CTLGroup began in 1916 as the research and development laboratory for the Portland Cement Association (PCA), which was formed to develop the use of portland cement in construction, which at the time had become the most common construction material. Demand for consulting grew over the years, eventually expanding into other building materials and engineering issues. In 1986 CTLGroup became an independent firm, offering engineering, testing, and consulting services. First known as “Construction Technology Laboratories,” the firm changed its name to “CTLGroup” in 2005 to reflect the fact that it provides both laboratory services as well as engineering consulting services. The firms projects include involvement in the construction of the Burj Khalifa, the World Trade Center collapse investigation and work at the Stonecutters Bridge. CTLGroup provides highly specialized creep and shrinkage testing for supertall buildings.