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CTERA Networks is a cloud storage and data protection hardware and software company that specializes in Enterprise File Services and cloud storage gateways, which are integrated with a datacenter or cloud-side service delivery platform, CTERA Portal. It provides network storage combined with asynchronously replicated off-site cloud storage. The company differentiates itself from other cloud-based backup and file-sharing services by being able to store files on a companys existing data center infrastructure, as well as on public cloud storage. The company produces hardware appliances which are installed in the local network and backup or synchronize data offsite, and management software for service providers and large distributed enterprise companies. The company is also active in the Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) space. CTERA markets cloud storage gateways that use traditional file-based NAS protocols with replication to cloud storage. Local network computers are automatically backed up to the CTERA appliances on the LAN, which then perform incremental backups to an off-site deduplicated cloud storage service, compressing and encrypting the data as it is transmitted. Users have browser-based access to the backups and can access files locally using a "Virtual Cloud Drive". Users can also throttle bandwidth and schedule transfers off working hours for reducing impact on the network performance. CTERA appliances encrypt data onsite and keep the keys local, reduce latency by caching data or keeping local copies, and provide snapshot capabilities for data availability. CTERA is also the developer of Next3, an open source journaled file system for Linux.