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Crytek is a German video game company, founded in 1999 by Turkish brothers Cevat, Avni, and Faruk Yerli, that is headquartered in Frankfurt. Crytek has six other studios, in Budapest, Istanbul, Kiev, Seoul, Shanghai, and Sofia. The company is best known for developing first installment of the Far Cry series (later sequels and spin-offs being developed by Ubisoft) and the Crysis series, the open world nature of their games which showcase the companys CryEngine, and for pushing the limits on PC specifications to achieve advanced graphics and gameplay. Their most recent major product is Ryse: Son of Rome and its supporting iteration of their CryEngine. Some of Cryteks current and past business partners include Electronic Arts, Mail.Ru Group, Ubisoft, Microsoft Studios, Nexon, Tencent,, Sony, Apple Inc., Nvidia, Intel, AMD, FMOD, Scaleform and Xoreax Software. Crytek was founded by the Yerli brothers in 1999 in Coburg, Germany. Crytek first attracted publicity at the 2000 ECTS with their tech demo at the NVIDIA booth. For several years thereafter, they released numerous demos of a game called X-Isle, which ultimately evolved into Far Cry. On 2 May 2002 Crytek announced the game engine CryEngine. In 2003, Crytek attended the Game Developers Conference, where they showcased their new engine and its technology.