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Cross International Catholic Outreach

Cross International Catholic Outreach

Jul 31, 2:35 PM

On this Feast Day of Ignatius of Loyola, we can all recommit ourselves to carrying out our own part in transforming the world.

Jul 28, 4:53 PM

#FaithfulFriday #Scripture #Peace

Jul 27, 5:04 PM

Your compassion, charity and support has allowed Cross to make an impact on the lives of vulnerable and poor worldwide. Today we celebrate the blessing of helping the hungry with more than 19 Million #meals already shipped this year in the name of #Jesus!

Jul 26, 2:53 PM

This #Peru health post takes integral #health seriously. Their caring medical staff doesnt just address how their patients are doing physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. They go out into the #community for home visits to conduct health assessments AND pray with their patients. Support their Christ-like love for the sick at