Sep 29, 3:29 PM

#DYK? The almond is a member of the Rosaceae family, which also includes peaches and other stone fruit #AgFactFriday

Sep 28, 3:03 PM

#FeedABee grantee Chert Glades Chapter of #Missouri Master Naturalists held a forage planting event this past Saturday! They are one of many grantees who are working to provide more forage for #pollinators! Learn more at

Sep 26, 5:29 PM

Around 170 million tons of raw #sugar is produced annually, with 20 percent derived from #sugarbeet, making the crop the second largest source of sugar after sugar cane!

Sep 25, 2:16 PM

In spite of the emergence of synthetics during the 20th century, #cotton still accounts for nearly 40 percent of total yarn production worldwide #dyk