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CriticalBlue is a Scottish software company based in Edinburgh that is primarily active in two areas of technology: anti-botnet solutions for mobile businesses, and software optimization tools and services for Android and Linux platforms. In 2001, David Stewart, Richard Taylor and Ben Hounsell founded the software company CriticalBlue in Edinburgh, Scotland. The company won a Smart Scotland Award in 2002 for "Electronic design automation tools for improved design of demanding multimedia applications." CriticalBlue received $2 million in seed funding and assembled a core team in 2003. In May 2008, CriticalBlue joined the Multicore Association, where CEO David Stewart would eventually co-chair the Multicore Programming Practices workgroup in 2009. The company received $4 million funding in September 2008 from European, Silicon Valley, and Japanese venture capitalists and corporate investors, and started a close collaboration with Toshiba Corporation.