Covenant Eyes

Covenant Eyes

Covenant Eyes

Mar 8, 2:00 AM

We look forward to seeing our homeschooled families at the Teach Them Diligently Conventions this year!

Mar 6, 0:33 AM

Ill never forget the first time I walked in on my husband looking at Internet pornography. Immediately my heart sank, and I remember this sick feeling wash over me. The thought that began to plague my mind instantly was, How will I ever be able to compete with her? To read more of Cindy's story, download our free e-book:

Mar 1, 2:01 AM

With young kids being handed tablets or smartphones, and pornography just a few typos away, its more important than ever for parents to be vigilant. This is why we've created Parenting the Internet Generation. Download this free e-book today:

Feb 27, 0:50 PM

"Something in me changed the night of that confession. Something in me broke. Hed lied so often, how could I help him rebuild the trust? And why would I want to?" Listen to Lori tell her story this Wednesday at 12:35pm EST on Facebook Live.