Apr 26, 5:20 PM

we were lucky enough to spend today''s lunch hour watching stephanie at @citycookingwestend work her truffle-infused magic on the most delectable burger / pizza / pasta meal imaginable stephanie got her start developing recipes and blogging for the kitchn before branching out and starting a blog of her own (City Cookin'') where she focused on recreating famous nyc restaurant dishes friends and family were so enamored with her content that she felt inspired to start teaching classes of her recipes -- right out of her apartment! the classes sold like hot cakes (or truffle burgers) and steph felt it was time to take the operation to the next level. she partnered with @urbanitruffles to host City Cooking West End classes out of their gorgeous test kitchen on the UWS, and the rest was history! the food, the ambiance, the hospitality -- perfection! check out @citycookingwestend classes on coursehorse and get your food on! #coursehorse #eeeeeats #nyc

Mar 24, 1:46 PM

our friend @chinaealexander defines ""inspirational"" -- from workouts to recipes, beauty tips to life advice, chinae is incredible at bringing people together and motivating them to be their best selves. she is so genuinely and fearlessly herself, and her willingness to break out of her comfort zone and put herself out there is absolute magic she''s on week four (halfway!) of her 8 week wheel and hand building course at @chopletceramicstudio in Brooklyn and she shared this gorgeous progress pic to show off her hard work! don''t hole up all weekend dreaming of doing all the things you''re scared you''ll be bad at -- just go DO THEM! we already believe in you. #coursehorse #ceramics #brooklyn

Mar 2, 11:14 PM

guesssssss who''s hiring? your favorite team of horses is looking for an Email Marketing Specialist to help stirrup our campaigns and get the party started! link in bio to check it out! (thanks @sortedbyanna for the great office shot!) #coursehorse #tbt #horsingaround

Feb 23, 9:07 PM

going after what you want in life is hard. you have to step outside your comfort zone, take a chance (or a thousand) and will yourself to make that change -- all because your gut tells you it''s the right thing to do sometimes the voice urging you to take that risk is drowned out by the day-to-day. sometimes it''s silenced by self-doubt and insecurity. going after what you want in life is hard, it''s scary, but it''s absolutely worth it. and we want to help remind you why rachel nash at @upscalehare transformed her love of jewelry into her very own jewelry line, learning to create beautiful artwork & her own @etsy business by listening to the badass inside of her telling her she could do it. we love what rachel''s accomplished and we think you can do it, too. share your story with us by tagging #coursehorse and help us do our part in making going after what you want just a little bit easier.