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Why work for us

Kaltura is a New York-based software company founded in 2006. Kaltura states that its mission is to power any video experience. Kaltura operates in four major markets for video based solutions: Cloud TV (AKA OTT TV) for operators and media companies, OVP (Online Video Platform) offered mostly to media companies and brands looking to distribute content or monetize it, EdVP (Education Video Platform) offered to educational institutions who are increasingly relying on video as for teaching and learning, and EVP (Enterprise Video Platform) offered to enterprises who use video for collaboration, communications and marketing. Kaltura offers a broad Video Platform as a Service, as well as turnkey video based SaaS solutions across all these markets. Kaltura is the initiator and backer of a successful open-source video-management project. Kalturas original concept was built on the collaborative Wiki model that uses media rather than text. Over time, the company changed its focus to providing a broad video platform as a service, as well as many turnkey SaaS products. The vision of Kaltura has been that video is everywhere, and as a new data type, needs to be treated at the platform level. Kaltura was founded in the fall of 2006 and was launched at the TechCrunch40 industry event in San Francisco on September 18, 2007, and won the Peoples Choice award based on a vote of the conferences attendees. At that time, the company had 20 employees, and had received $2.1 million in funding from business angels and Californian VC fund Avalon Ventures.