Sep 15, 1:20 PM

iPhone and Android users aren''t so different after all. Sure, iPhone users are at least 3x more excited than non-iPhone users about the #iPhoneX, and have plans to upgrade, BUT they''re both pumped + curious about the wide world of #wireless charging that #Apple revealed in its Tuesday keynote.

Aug 30, 3:50 PM

Just three days into the partnership, Amazon''s managed to change the minds of 1/5th of Whole Foods hold-outs. Not bad, future overlords, not bad.

Aug 29, 11:39 AM

On Sept 13, we''re breaking down the e-commerce revolution across key shopper categories. See you there Registration link in profile.

Aug 28, 3:47 PM

And wine not? A can of Pinot served with a twisty straw sounds like our idea of a good time.