Mar 3, 7:10 PM

Super Tuesday stirred up a lot of online election chatter! We tracked the use of candidates full names on Twitter and when each of candidate mentioned "peaked" in conversation. As results started to come in, people took to the Twittersphere to weigh in on their favorite (or least favorite) candidates. We can't wait until the NY primary so we can all go out and #vote.

Feb 29, 8:53 PM

Watch the #Oscars last night? We sure did! We took a look at the Twitter buzz surrounding the nominees and categories. We gauged chatter before the show as well as during and after to see if predictions came true. As you can see, the conversation gravitated towards a certain someone. Congratulations Leo on a well deserved win -- a lot of people are excited for you!

Feb 8, 4:49 PM

#SuperBowl commercials are essentially the Oscars for the nation's biggest brands, and they certainly got people buzzing this year! This Twitter Moment (link below) highlights the "Top 50 Most Talked About Commercials" so far. What commercial are we talking about here at Converseon? Obviously the Heinz ketchup family! The graphic below shows a sample of the Twitter conversation about the Heinz commercial where the interconnected bubble represents the relationships between words. That said, it looks like we're not the only ones who thought the Weiner dogs made the night!

Dec 23, 3:23 AM