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Why work for us

Contently is a New York City-based technology company with the mission of "building a better media world." To that end, Contently creates software that helps brands create and manage quality content and connect with freelance writers, photographers, and editors. Contently has a network of roughly 55,000 professional journalists, videographers, graphic designers, photographers, etc. Contently clients include American Express, Coca-Cola, Genpact, and TDAmeritrade. Contently clients are connected with Contentlys freelancers through the Contently platform. Contently was founded in December 2010 by Joe Coleman, David Goldberg, and Shane Snow with the mission of "making the media landscape better." Its initial product was a project management system that connected media publications, that wanted content for their websites, and freelance writers, who wanted to earn a living. In July 2011, Contently raised $335,000 in debt from the Founder Collective. This was shortly after TechStars had chosen Contently as one of 12 startups in its summer program in New York City.