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The Consumer Technology Association (CTA), formerly Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), is a standards and trade organization for the consumer electronics industry in the United States. CTA works to influence public policy, holds events such as the International CES and SINOCES, conducts market research, and helps its members and regulators implement technical standards. CTA is led by Gary Shapiro. The International CES (CES) is a major technology trade show held each January in Las Vegas. The CTA-sponsored show typically hosts previews of products and new product announcements. The first CES was held in 1967 in New York City. It was a spinoff from the Chicago Music Show, which until then had served as the main event for exhibiting consumer electronics. The event had 17,500 attendees and over 100 exhibitors; the kickoff speaker was Motorola chairman Bob Galvin. From 1978 to 1994, CES was held twice each year: once in January in Las Vegas known as Winter Consumer Electronics Show (WCES) and once in June in Chicago, known as Summer Consumer Electronics Show. In 1998, the show changed to a once-a-year format with Las Vegas as the location. CES is one of the largest and longest trade shows held in Las Vegas, taking up to 18 days to set up, run and break down.
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