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Consol Energy Inc. /k?n's?l/ is an American energy company with interests in coal and natural gas production headquartered in the suburb of Cecil Township, in the Southpointe complex, just outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Consol Energy is the leading producer of high-BTU bituminous coal in the United States and the U.S.s largest underground coal mining company. As of 2011, Consol had 4.4 billion tons of proven reserves, mainly in northern and central Appalachia and produced nearly 64 million tons of coal in 2010. The company has natural gas reserves totaling 3.7 trillion cu. ft. as of 2011 and employs more than 8,800 people.


Market Cap$173.7 million
Revenue$1.4 billion
5 Year Trend+6.3%
Net Income$73 million
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