Aug 31, 7:00 PM

Even if you missed our webinar on Jumpstarting Robotics process Automation, you can still get free access to the recording. You will learn about things such as How web content and data sourcing can deliver a key for win for Robotic Process Automation. Click below to learn about this and so much more:

Aug 30, 5:00 PM

Does the future of medical big data lie with providing de-identified data? Or invisible patient data. In one paper, images in Instagram were used to determine if the poster had juvenile depression based on certain markers. Would you be okay sharing your medical information anonymously if it meant potentially helping others? Read more in the article below from MedCity News:

Aug 28, 7:30 PM

Web Data Extraction: The New Competitive Advantage Information found on the web fuels your business. Its where you go to find out whats happening in the news, in your industry, and about your competition. With it, your business can: 1. Access Information from Niche Sources 2. Monitor News from Around the World 3. Track the Latest Market Changes 4. Keep Up with the Competition Click below to Learn More about how your business can unlevel the playing field through access to news, industry trends, and competitive intelligence that they can leverage for market advantage:

Aug 25, 5:48 PM

Looking for Competitive & Pricing Intelligence? Connotate gives you real-time visibility into your competition. With Connotate, you can automatically monitor your competitors pricing, track their performance, and follow their product and market strategy as it unfolds. Your competitors are constantly releasing new and better products, adopting aggressive pricing strategies, and finding new ways to enter in your channels. Click below to receive a solution brief on competitive pricing intelligence: