Jul 28, 5:21 PM

Watch this video tutorial about how Connotates technology works to extract web data from websites to support business applications a specific example is illustrated using The Economist as the source site. The video demonstrates how the simple workflow involved to train an agent, schedule it, and setup change detection. Click the link to watch the video:

Jul 26, 7:04 PM

Using Connotates platform for Financial and Market Research has never been easier. In todays complex global markets, investors and analysts need comprehensive, up-to-date sector and company information to stay ahead of rapidly evolving market conditions. The web provides an unprecedented wealth of information that they can use to predict industry trends and make more informed investment decisions. For example, react quickly to market changes by seeing market-moving events as soon as they happen. Read more about gaining a competitive advantage in todays frenetic financial markets segment:

Jul 24, 8:34 PM

Can data really be turned into dollars, and a new revenue stream for your business? Website content is arguably the most underused source of publicly available dataeven though it can lead companies to better decisions, deeper insights about the competitive landscape, and new revenue streams. This valuable resource is often not leveraged fully because it is difficult to harvest it reliably and at scale. Click here to download this free CITO Research paper that describes the latent opportunities that lie waiting to be unleashed in the worlds 1 billion+ websites:

Jul 21, 5:00 PM

Monitoring Headline News for Insights and Intelligence Has Never Been so Easy Thanks to the internet we now have a seemingly endless choice of where we get information and its easier than ever to find out whats going on around the world. Monitoring and collecting all that information from around the web can be a daunting task when handled manually. Using a web data extraction platform (often referred to as a web scraping tool) greatly speeds up that process, getting you the information you need to make the best decisions for your business. Read more about news and media monitoring for your business:

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