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Connexus Internet is an Australian-owned and operated ASX-listed Internet service provider founded and based in Melbourne, Australia, in 1989, which primarily caters to the business sector.[News 1] Connexus specialises in business voice and data Internet solutions, in particular business broadband and hosting capabilities. The company has established data facilities in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and the Gold Coast. Connexus is a member of the 'My Net Fone Group', an Australian telecommunication company offering VoIP and internet services. Connexus was founded by Greg Holloway in 1989 when he established a network of bulletin boards (BBS). BBS’s were the original means of online communication prior to the modern-day internet. Connexus was one of Australia’s first ISPs. Over the forthcoming years, Connexus expanded to four phone lines and the user base grew to over 1,000. In 1998 Connexus established local facilities in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and the Gold Coast (Service, 2012). In 2003 Connexus diversified its internet offering to supply business broadband for small to medium-sized businesses.