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Jun 17, 4:13 PM

Our backhaul authority, Richard Swardh, will participate in the Evolution of Ground Equipment, Infrastructure & Systems panel at GVFs Cellular Backhaul Event next week in London:

Jun 1, 6:16 PM

As a DSNG operator, you are faced with the challenge of your satellite expenses. You want more bandwidth at a lower cost than what you spend now, and you would like some of that new extra bandwidth to be on the return link to your trucks. We have the answers for you, and they are called VersaFEC, DoubleTalk Carrier-in-Carrier, Dynamic SCPC (dSCPC), optimized rolloffs and a High-Performance Packet Processor. Comtech EF Datas CDM-570A series modems have all of these features that will help you reduce bandwidth requirements, minimize BUC size requirements and provide additional throughput for VoIP and Internet / email along with your video link. Get Solution Brief:

May 25, 7:45 PM

New white paper is available Performance Challenge of 3G over Satellite overviews the evolution of mobile telephony, the challenges associated with transmitting 3G backhaul traffic over satellite, and methods that can be utilized to address the challenges while increasing revenue for Mobile Network Operators and improving quality of experience for end users.

May 24, 2:27 PM

CommunicAsia 2016, Asias largest event for ICT professionals will take place in Singapore next week. Are you planning to attend? If yes, we invite you to visit Comtechs booth #1T2-07. Our team will be available to help you learn more about the right tools to penetrate new markets and to increase reach in mobile backhaul and premium enterprise. In conjunction with the show, we will be participating in sIRGs Interference Mitigation Tour. The tour aims to show participants different tools and technologies for combating satellite interference. For more info and to register, go to: And, for those planning to attend our highly anticipated annual Breakfast Seminar, we look forward to seeing you!

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