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Communications Products

Communications Products

Jun 6, 8:09 PM

Last day of 2013 Cisco Partner Summit, always an outstanding event! This afternoon's speaker, Mark C. Thompson, CEO and co-founder of Virgin Unite Mentors spoke about driving change, not just embracing it. A key takeaway: "Good judgement comes from experience; experience comes from bad judgement. We have to be in the game!"

Jun 4, 3:07 PM

Cisco Partner Summit, CEO John Chambers presented Cisco's view on the Internet of Everything, the ability to build, manage and secure end-to-end IP based platforms connecting people, processes, data and things

May 14, 3:17 PM

Dr. Don Brown taking the stage at Interactive Intelligence Interactions 2013

May 14, 0:47 PM

Kicking off Interactive Intelligence Interactions 2013 with CMO Joe Staples... 30+ Countries 2000+ attendees 130+ presentations. Going to be an incredible event!

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