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Why work for us

CombiMatrix Corp. (NASDAQ: CBMX) CombiMatrix is a clinical diagnostic laboratory specializing in pre-implantation genetic screening, miscarriage analysis, prenatal and pediatric diagnostics, offering DNA-based testing for the detection of genetic abnormalities beyond what can be identified through traditional methodologies. As a full-scale cytogenetic and cytogenomic laboratory, CombiMatrix performs genetic testing utilizing a variety of advanced cytogenomic techniques, including chromosomal microarray analysis, standardized and customized fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) and high-resolution karyotyping. CombiMatrix is dedicated to providing high-level clinical support for healthcare professionals in order to help them incorporate the results of complex genetic testing into patient-centered medical decision making. In 2012 CombiMatrix shifted its focus from providing oncology genetic testing to developmental testing. Their focus is cytogenomic miscarriage analysis, prenatal analysis and postnatal/pediatric analysis. CombiMatrix uses the CombiSNP Array as their technology platform. SNP stands for Single nucleotide polymorphism probes. These probes allow for increased precision and greater diagnostic yield. This array contains more than 845,000 SNP markers covering both coding and non-coding human genome sequences. The median spatial resolution between probes is 1 Kb within gene rich regions and 5 Kb outside of gene-rich regions.