Sep 30, 2:03 PM

""For those who like to wear make-up every day, and even if you''re just a make-up on weekends kind of person, make sure you''re choosing one that is not going to undo all of your skin care''s hard work! We believe that a PURE mineral make-up is your best choice to compliment your complexion and keep your skin underneath looking great."" - our partner @clinicalase #ButFirstSunscreen #Colorescience #mineralmakeup

Sep 30, 0:19 PM

""Anyone else hoard glosses & lipsticks like no tomorrow? I find at least 4-5 in my work bag every time I clean it out I''m loving these Colorescience Lip Shine glosses that have 35 SPF Rose is the perfect shade going from summer to fall Top to Bottom: Coral, Champagne, Pink, Clear, Rose."" - @breezy_days #Colorescience #lipshine #beautyblogger

Sep 29, 1:33 PM

Happy Friday! #Colorescience #beauty

Sep 28, 1:52 PM

Our Brush-on Sunscreen offers year-round protection from the sun''s damaging and aging rays. ""With no chemical additives, it''s literally savin'' lives over here as one of my new fall faves."" - @aesthetician_jena #AlwaysReapply #Colorescience #mineralsunscreen