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CollabNet is a developer of software development and application lifecycle management tools with headquarters in South San Francisco, California. CollabNet was founded in July, 1999 by Tim O'Reilly and Brian Behlendorf. Bill Portelli joined CollabNet as CEO in August, 1999 and still holds that position. One of its first products was SourceXchange, a software development marketplace, where developers could bid for contracts to develop open source software applications posted by corporations. CollabNet retired SourceXchange after 18 months and increased its focus on SourceCast, a platform it had originally released in December 1999 to help distributed teams build software applications. After undergoing a few major releases, SourceCast was re-launched as CollabNet Enterprise Edition in 2002. In 2007, CollabNet acquired the SourceForge Enterprise Edition business line from VA Software. CollabNet subsequently merged the CollabNet Enterprise Edition and SourceForge Enterprise Edition products, and re-launched the combined platform as TeamForge in 2009.


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