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Established in 2003, Coleman Research is an expert network that specializes in providing its clients with access to industry expertise. The firm connects clients with experts through various services such as one-on-one call consultations, hosted webinar events, and industry surveys. Colemans clients include private equity firms, hedge funds, mutual funds, consulting firms and other investment management firms. Headquartered in New York, the firm also has offices in Beijing, Boston, Gdansk, Hong Kong, London, Raleigh and San Francisco with more than 200 employees worldwide. In its most recent ResearchFocus® report, Integrity Research recognized Coleman Research as The Top Global Generalist Expert Network, citing Colemans strong match quality, cost effectiveness, speed of matching, and depth of coverage. In addition, in 2009 Coleman Research was named a Best Place to Work by Crains New York Business Review. Kevin C. Coleman founded Coleman Research in 2003, Before founding Coleman, Kevin was Vice President of Sales and a member of the management team at Multex, a global financial information provider that went public in 1999 and was purchased by Reuters in March 2003. He has a BA from University of Colorado and an MBA from the FW Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College.