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Cogniance is a global strategy and technology company, headquartered in Menlo Park, CA, working with venture-backed startups, corporate innovation labs and venture capital firms in the worlds technology hubs. Its services combine branding, user experience and engineering to help innovators bring products to market. Cogniance is founded (2008) and built up by the former founders, directors, technical managers from Sonopia, a product startup. Sonopia enabled people and organizations to set up their own carrier network. The technical solution was well-proven, but it was not a commercial success, due to the fact that it was a few years ahead of its time; US carrier companies were not open to such solutions back in 2007. Despite the fact that Sonopia was not a commercial success, the company ended up with a technical team they believed to be world-class. In May 2008, the founder of Sonopia, Juha Christensen, a venture capitalist and a serial entrepreneur, turned this team into a software and design consultancy with a special focus on venture-backed startups and corporate innovation labs. Christensen previously held top corporate executive positions, e.g. at Microsoft (Corporate VP, Mobile) and Macromedia (President). He co-founded CloudMade, Sunstone Capital and Symbian, and he has been board member at VirtualLogix, Teleca, Brandworkz, Buttonwood Financial, Pelican Imaging, Fairgain, CTIA, Unwire and Trolltech. Juha Christensen is voted one of the 25 most influential Europeans in Technology by Time Magazine. Cogniances CEO, Michael Shraybman, oversees the companys operations from Menlo Park, CA. In June 2013, Cogniance announced it had hired the Silicon Valley veteran CFO, Marty McFarland.
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