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Cofactor Genomics is a biotech company founded by past Human Genome Project Scientists. Cofactors mission is to enable drug development, medical research, and personalized medicine using RNA-based information and technologies. Cofactor Genomics was founded in August 2008 after the pioneering efforts of the Human Genome Project made human Genome Sequencing a reality by sequencing an entire Human Reference genome. It was after the technological advances brought on by Next Gen sequencing that three scientists from The Genome Center at Washington University noted that sequencing services could be performed by “three [scientists] in a garage.”[citation needed] In August 2008, Jarret Glasscock, Matt Hickenbotham and Ryan Richt left the Genome Center and purchased their first Next Gen genome analyzer with the capital raised from an angel investor in California. Cofactor has since been featured in several nationwide publications as well as done business with high profile clients such as Ozzy Osbourne. Cofacter is involved in a number of other highly publicized research projects, including the preservation of the White Rhino and the Black Footed Ferret. Cofactor Genomics focuses on RNA-Seq applications with the ability to handle low quantity and low quality samples. In August 2015, Y Combinator backed Cofactor Genomics. In July 2015, Cofactor Genomics was awarded a $1.5 million Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). In November 2013, Cofactor Genomics opened their 10,000 sq St. Louis, MO headquarters in the newly revitalized Cortex district. The building, originally built in 1956, previously housed the construction of components of the city’s Metrolink Stations. Cofactor Genomics also has offices in San Diego and San Francisco.