Mar 8, 1:35 PM

We''re proud that 44% of the students learning to code on our Code Studio platform are girls and young women. We can''t wait to see how they transform technology! #iwd2017 #internationalwomensday

Feb 22, 0:06 PM

Stats from Google''s new Black Student Brief show that African-American students are more interested in and more confident in their ability to learn computer science than their white or Hispanic counterpartsbut they''re the least likely to have access to it at school. #BlackHistoryMonth

Feb 14, 0:57 PM


Feb 9, 1:59 PM

An exciting stat from our annual report9,083 of the students in our Computer Science Principles classrooms are underrepresented minorities in the subject. If all of these students take the AP exam, we could double the number of underrepresented minorities in AP computer science. (And this is only the first year of our CS Principles course!)


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