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Coby Electronics Corporation was an American manufacturer of consumer electronics products headquartered in Lake Success, New York, with offices and factories around the world (including the United States, Mexico, and China). With the joint efforts of Coby Electronics Co. of Hong Kong and Coby Electronics Corp. of the United States the products reached consumers in Asia, North America, South America and Europe; however, the company mostly sold in Europe and the United States. Coby also served as an OEM manufacturer for brands including Samsung, NEC, RadioShacks Presidian brand and Hyundai. Coby formerly provided OEM manufacturing for Daewoo, which is now defunct. Although Coby shutdown their products are still widely spread and used today. Coby closed its doors in June 2013 due to financial trouble. Gordon Brothers Group acquired some assets formerly owned by Coby Electronics. Gordon Brothers Group did not purchase liabilities such as customer warranties. Coby was founded by Young Dong Lee who owned 100 percent of its capital stock. Its name came from deleting the "w" and second "o" in Cowboy. The logo was written in Bookman Old Style Bold, which resembles the serif font used in the Sony logo. Lee (born 1955 in South Korea) originally owned an electronics wholesaler called Cowboy.
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