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Clustrix, Inc. is a San Francisco-based private company founded in 2006 that develops a database management system marketed as NewSQL. Clustrix was founded in November 2006, sometimes called Sprout-Clustrix as it formed with the help of Y Combinator. Founders include Paul Mikesell (formerly of EMC Isilon) and Sergei Tsarev. Some of its technology tested at customers since 2008. Initially called Sierra, at its official announcement in 2010, the product was called the Clustered Database System (CDS). The company received $10 million in funding from Sequoia Capital, U.S. Venture Partners (USVP), and ATA Ventures in December 2010. Robin Purohit became chief executive in October 2011, and another round of $6.75 million was raised in July 2012. Another round of funding from the original backers of $16.5 million was announced in May 2013, and a round of $10 million in new funding in August 2013 was led by HighBAR Ventures. Purohit was replaced by Mike Azevedo in 2014. A round of over $23 million in debt financing was disclosed in February 2016..

Jobs at Clustrix
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