Aug 25, 5:46 AM

My family has a history of cancer. A lot of the women in my extended family are cancer survivors. It has led us to open a non-profit called Rose Foundation to aid breast cancer patients. So far we have done walkathons, supported different campaigns and also helped out in the recent earthquake relief. Cancer is one of the hardest things that a family can go through. We want to help people through this testing time with experiences we have learned. - Nirvick #CloudFactory #iammore #CancerSurvivors #Willpower

Aug 14, 4:58 AM

After joining CloudFactory team meetings gave me a whole new perspective in life through different leadership sessions and were very beneficial for my personal growth. Its also been very good to see my other teammates grow. Im thankful to have colleagues and mentors who are the epitome of a good leader. - Sagar #CloudFactory #iammore #meetings #leadership #growth #leader

Aug 2, 0:37 AM

I love customizing things - be it mobile phones or software. Taking something apart and seeing if there is a way to build it back better; that is the feeling that motivates me. I have been working on starting my own tech startup and it is something that I want to eventually pursue full time. I believe that success depends on your ability to think positive. - Sujan #CloudFactory #iammore #phones #software #tech #startup

Jul 25, 1:46 AM

I am drawn towards antiques and things that carry a bit of history. I have a personal collection of antique coins, stamps, art and other paraphernalia. My most prized possession is a perfume that my grandfather had brought from France - its in a hand carved wooden box. I feel by collecting these antiques, I am experiencing a part of history. - Jeena #CloudFactory #iammore #antiques #history #stamps #art