Jul 25, 1:46 AM

I am drawn towards antiques and things that carry a bit of history. I have a personal collection of antique coins, stamps, art and other paraphernalia. My most prized possession is a perfume that my grandfather had brought from France - its in a hand carved wooden box. I feel by collecting these antiques, I am experiencing a part of history. - Jeena #CloudFactory #iammore #antiques #history #stamps #art

Jul 14, 0:21 AM

At CloudFactory, I get the opportunity to contribute some values and morals to the community as a community service which I feel myself proud to see a happiness in the people''s face. - Madhusudan #CloudFactory #iammore #opportunity #community #happiness

Jul 4, 4:36 AM

Getting an opportunity for a full time job is hard. I work as a Radio Technician for Good News FM, creating scripts, editing programs and even training the newer presenters. I had to prove myself first as a trainee and only worked 2 hour shifts, but now Im a full time employee and the primary technician for the station. - Priscilla #CloudFactory #iammore #radio #technician #scripts #programs #training

Jun 14, 7:36 AM

My first exposure to interactive web development was when I was working for a call center. We used to sell flash based websites and slowly my interest moved towards javascript and programming. Originally I studied industrial engineering but I have found my calling in coding. It is frustrating sometimes when codes arent working and you have to search for creative workarounds, but when you see your hard work pay off, that is the best feeling in the world. That same feeling pushes me to accomplish even more. -Madhu #CloudFactory #iammore #javascript #programming #coding