Mar 13, 3:40 AM

My biggest inspiration has been my mother. I have remembered her being a working woman as long as I can remember. My independence, my progress in life, I attribute it to her model behavior. - Riya #CloudFactory #iammore #mother #independence #model

Feb 27, 3:40 AM

I have always been interested in sports, and badminton is where I have had the most success. I have actually played cricket and badminton on the national level. My friend and I compete in the doubles category and have won 8 regional championships and reached the semi-finals in a national championship. Badminton started as a hobby but it has become an integral part of my life. - Shrawan #CloudFactory #iammore #sports #badminton #cricket #championships

Feb 20, 11:43 PM

Im from a small village in the Terai (plains of Nepal). When I walked in for the interview at CloudFactory as a software engineer, I expected technical questions but the CEO asked me what would you change if you were the Prime Minister of Nepal? - Chandra #CloudFactory #iammore #Terai #Nepal #Interview #SoftwareEngineer #PrimeMinister

Feb 13, 11:42 PM

I think Talent is something you create by yourself, through your hard work and interest. My biggest passion has been art - sketches mainly. I like creating portraits mainly, whenever I can put the pencil on the paper and draw something tangible, it is the greatest feeling for me. - Reecha #CloudFactory #iammore #art #portraits #sketches


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