Jun 14, 7:36 AM

My first exposure to interactive web development was when I was working for a call center. We used to sell flash based websites and slowly my interest moved towards javascript and programming. Originally I studied industrial engineering but I have found my calling in coding. It is frustrating sometimes when codes arent working and you have to search for creative workarounds, but when you see your hard work pay off, that is the best feeling in the world. That same feeling pushes me to accomplish even more. -Madhu #CloudFactory #iammore #javascript #programming #coding

May 12, 3:51 AM

My biggest passion is sketching and fantasy art which allows me to put my thoughts into paper. It helps me relax and reorient myself. - Saru #CloudFactory #iammore #sketching #art #passion

Apr 12, 2:12 AM

Ever since I was a child, I have been attracted towards banking as a career. It was due to their professional attire at first, but slowly I was attracted to the field itself. Currently, I am finishing my Masters and I hope to get into the field as soon as possible. -Reshma #CloudFactory #iammore #banking #career #passion

Apr 4, 1:28 AM

I am currently helping out with my fathers workshop. My passion, however, lies in mobile technology. I love to repair mobile phones and I am actually a certified Mobile technician. There is something about the mobile hardware that I find fascinating. The fact that so much hardware goes into a tiny cell phone is what draws me towards modifying and repairing them. - Rupak #CloudFactory #iammore #workshop #passion #mobile #technology