Clothes Horse

Clothes Horse

Clothes Horse

Aug 30, 0:31 AM

We''re the worst @double7 #youretheworst #fxx

Aug 24, 10:27 PM

#tbt Dad, me, Cousin Yolanda / Spain 1990 Wish I still had this tan... #spain #galicia #tan

Aug 19, 5:06 PM

I had a friend share with me today that, as a minority, she doesn''t feel safe right now. We live in Los Angeles. It broke my heart. I asked her what we could do and she said just listen. There''s a lot of ways to interpret that but I guess to me it just at people, ask them how they are doing, find as much connection with humanity as you can every day. I do believe that so much good exists in the world but also that we are in a time when so much evil is being exposed. I guess I''m just posting this in support of all the people I that don''t feel safe. I am listening and you are safe with me and many others. Xo

Aug 15, 9:54 PM

This bathroom gets it