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Clean Water Action is an American environmental advocacy group. Created in 1972, Clean Water Action focuses on canvassing and gaining support for political issues and candidates. It is a 501(c)(4) organization. During the late 1960s water pollution was spreading in many parts of the country, with a burning Cuyahoga River in northeast Ohio and biologically dead Lake Erie among the visible examples of wider problems. David Zwick was a young law school student when Ralph Nader recruited him to a task force researching water pollution problems. After a two-year tour of Americas most polluted waters, Zwick authored Water Wasteland and then founded Clean Water Action to address the issues outlined in his book. Zwick founded Clean Water Action in 1972 as a grassroots and lobbying organization. The fledgling organizations goal was to enact many of Water Wastelands platforms of recommended changes into law. To reach this goal, Zwick outlined a grassroots strategy of door-to-door canvassing and public education. Zwick contributed to the Clean Water Act.