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Cicero Networks is a privately owned software development company based in Dublin, Ireland. It is noted primarily for its pioneering work in the fields of mobile VoIP and Voice Call Continuity. Cicero Networks was founded in 2000, trading initially under the name mQuery. In 2001, the company initiated experimental research on the use of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as bearers for mobile VoIP, culminating in the launch of a suite of SIP-based applications in September 2003. The complete software suite was first used in a live deployment by Talk Telecom in 2005. During the mid-2000s, Cicero extended its software to facilitate in-call handover (VCC) between Wi-Fi and circuit-switched networks and was recognised as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum for its work in the field of mobile VoIP. Cicero received a number of awards for its early work in the field of mobile VoIP: