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Jul 25, 6:55 PM

Chester Engineers is a key team member on the Watertown Riverfront Park and Braille Trail Design, Watertown, MA. Continuing a commitment to increase access to the Commonwealths state parks system, the Baker-Polito Administration announced today the grand opening of the Department of Conservation and Recreations (DCR) Watertown Riverfront Park and Braille Trail. The Watertown Riverfront Park and Braille Trail was designed by Sasaki Associates and Chester Engineers under the supervision of the DCR, with the assistance of Perkins School for the Blind, and offers a rare opportunity to reconnect the community to its riverfront. Increasing access to the Commonwealths natural, cultural and recreational resources for people of all abilities to enjoyremains a high priority of our administration, said Governor Charlie Baker. I am excited for the opening of the Watertown Riverfront Park and Braille Trail, where visitors can appreciate the seamless blending of the parks features with the natural surroundings for years to come. The Braille Trail is a quarter-mile looped trail within the Watertown Riverfront Park, surrounding a specially designed sensory garden, which features a number of structures, such as benches, stone walls, a Mishoon (canoe-like) boat, and a musical marimba bench specifically designed to look like a xylophone to allow visitors to strike wooden slats to play music. The sensory gardens elements incorporate several senses including touch, hearing and smell. Full article:

Jun 23, 7:49 PM

Southwesterly Composting Facility Project, Columbus, OH Chester Engineers is leading a team of local and national experts in composting and biosolids utilization, in assisting the City of Columbus to cease operation of biosolids incinerators at both of their wastewater treatment plants and provide alternative means of beneficially utilizing the biosolids that were previously disposed of by incineration. The Chester team will provide engineering design services for the repair and upgrade of the existing biofiltration system (to improve odor control) and the reconfiguration and replacement of the negative aeration equipment on two existing composting pads. In addition, a new third composting pad will be built, large-scale improvements will be made to paved surfaces, and improvements will be made to truck washing and facility personnel accommodations. This project will demonstrate both the Citys and the Chester Teams commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship by investigating the use of the following environmentally friendly improvements: reducing electricity, natural gas and fuel consumption; utilizing locally-made, non-toxic recycled materials; recycling steel from existing buildings; improving site lighting with efficient LED fixtures; utilizing high quality durable materials; minimizing the adverse impacts to local residence by reducing light, odor, dust/dirt and noise pollution; and investigating the use of rainwater harvesting for truck washing.

May 27, 8:57 PM

May 13, 6:09 PM

Chester Engineers was selected by one of its oldest customers, the Erie Water Works (EWW), to perform Architectural and Engineering Services for the Phase 3 Facility Improvements at the Richard S. Wasielewski (RSW) Water Treatment Plant in Erie, Pennsylvania. The Chester win was due to an out of the box project approach which included: innovative architectural and design ideas; green infrastructure and sustainable design features; an educational destination option; and strategies to help lower construction costs. The century old Erie Water Works-Chester partnership was built on innovation, collaboration and a commitment to excellence. In 1913, Chester designed EWWs iconic Chestnut Street Filtration Plant and Pumping Station facility. Furthermore, Chester completed original design work on the RSW plant, formerly the West/Sommerheim Water Treatment Plant, in 1930. For more information visit