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Mar 1, 4:41 PM

What can kids do on a 3-hr school bus ride? They could do their homework if the bus had voice and video. Great idea! http://oal.lu/hFn2S

Feb 28, 5:11 PM

1 What kinds of new security protocols will need to be in place before 5G mobile networks become industry standard? http://oal.lu/YLduQ

Feb 17, 7:56 PM

There are plenty of people who can give you a dark vision of AI and the robot revolution. Here's the positive side. http://oal.lu/RZlvE

Jan 5, 0:36 AM

Join us at Data Connectors Portland Thursday January 12th 8am to 5pm. Your Cerium VIP passes include breakfast, lunch, conference materials, entrance! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/portland-tech-security-conference-2017-tickets-26326093053?aff=sp

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