Central National Bank

Central National Bank

Central National Bank

Mar 7, 9:01 PM

We're so pleased to be able to help contribute $5,200 to the Jewell County Foundation on behalf of our Mankato branch. Retail Office Supervisor Shelli Navarro presented a check to Sara Reiter from the Foundation early this morning. A big thanks to Sara and the Foundation for all they do to improve life in Mankato!

Mar 7, 1:32 PM

Brian Fehr, a Trust Advisor at our Manhattan branch, and his daughter would like to encourage you to stop in at IHOP today from 7 to 7 and have a short stack to support the MHK Solar Kiwanis Group. To learn more, visit https://www.ihop.com/national-pancake-day

Mar 2, 6:02 PM

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Mar 1, 6:02 PM

Life never really goes how we plan, which makes it even more important to save for inconvenient times. Help your future self by starting to save in an emergency savings fund. Pick a savings account at http://brev.is/CA_C and get started today!