Center Line Productions

Center Line Productions

Center Line Productions

Aug 28, 3:29 PM

This month, Centerline will be hosting the AIGA Video and Animation Meetup! The meetup takes place on TOMORROW Tuesday, August 29th. If you would like to attend head over to to register. Please note, registration is required to participate. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Aug 2, 0:38 PM

Hanging with the Centerline crew for #wellnesswednesday at @heatraleigh. We''re halfway through crushing our 6 week wellness challenge of making better wellness choices an everyday habit

Jul 26, 2:43 PM

Extra bonus of a downtown Raleigh office, you can pop out to lunch and meet a celebrity chef! Brian, one of our Senior At Directors, met Vivian Howard at the downtown farmers market today!

Jul 19, 7:21 PM

Congrats to @ibm, @mcconnellstudios and all the Centerliners who contributed to an amazing launch in #NYC and #London this week! #ibmz