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Celadon Group, Inc. is a truckload carrier located in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. It is one of the ten largest truckload carriers in North America. Celadon was founded in 1985 and employs over 4,000 individuals. Through its subsidiaries, Celadon provides long-haul and regional freight service across Canada, Mexico, and the United States. Celadon cofounders Stephen Russell and Leonard Bennett had neither employees nor equipment when they started the Indiana-based company, but they did have one major contract to transport automotive parts to a new Chrysler plant in Mexico. Russell and Bennett named their new company Celadon after reading about celadon pottery, an ancient green-glazed stoneware dating back to the Koryo dynasty (918-1392 A.D.). They hoped their company would be distinctive like the pottery. Celadon did $8 million in business during its first year and was considered a pioneer of the commerce trail between the United States and Mexico. The passing of the National American Free Trade Act in 1995 was a major break for Celadon, which was in a position to capitalize on the explosion in trade between the United States and Mexico. According to the original NAFTA, trucks from Mexico could enter the United States and move freely within the states bordering Mexico, and even as far north as the California-Oregon border. However, the United States blocked NAFTA just as it was about to go into effect. While the United States contended it had "safety concerns," critics claimed the move was politically connected to the powerful Teamsters Union, which worried that allowing low-paid Mexican truck drivers into the country would threaten U.S. jobs. NAFTA was eventually passed, but drivers were prohibited from hauling their loads to their Mexican destinations. Instead, they had to hand off their loads at border-town interchange points, and Mexican truck drivers took over for the final leg of the run.


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