California Department of Corrections

California Department of Corrections

California Department of Corrections

Mar 9, 2:01 PM

#ThrowbackThursday! Times sure have changed. A job description for a Correctional Officer was posted July 23, 1957. The bulletin also included application instructions, pay scale and information on the examination. The position was clearly stated to be open to men only. In the early 1970s, women were allowed to become correctional officers. Today, women are in every role in CDCR from custody to leadership. There was also an age limit of 45. Today, there is no upper age limit. Entry level pay for a correctional officer was just also just $358 a month, with a $19 bump after six months. The description states: You will maintain order and supervise the conduct of prison inmates in all phases of their activities. Your duties will include overseeing inmates on work details; accompanying inmates outside institution grounds; censoring mail; supervising visits to inmates; and counseling and endeavoring to modify anti-social attitudes and behaviors of inmates. You must be willing to work at night and to report for duty at any time that emergencies arise."" #correctionalofficers #cdcr #corrections #1957

Mar 8, 5:52 PM

Join CDCR in celebrating #InternationalWomensDay We salute all the remarkable women of CDCR, custody staff and non-custody staff alike, for their contributions to enhance public safety through safe and secure incarceration of offenders, effective parole supervision, and rehabilitative strategies to successfully reintegrate offenders into our communities. Pictured here is Sandra Alfaro - Associate Director, High Security Males Kathleen Allison - Director, Division of Adult Institutions Debbie Asuncion Warden, California State Prison, Los Angeles Jennifer Barretto - Chief Deputy Admin, Correctional Program Heather Bowlds Deputy Director, Juvenile Facilities Operations and Programs Nolice Edwards - Chief, Office of Victim and Survivor Rights and Services Cynthia Florez-DeLyon - Deputy Director, Division of Rehabilitative Programs Josie Gastelo Warden, California Mens Colony Connie Gipson - Deputy Director, Facility Operations, Division of Adult Institutions Brigid Hanson - Chief, Office of Labor Relations Molly Hill - Warden, California Institution for Women Deborah Hysen - Director, Facility Planning, Construction and Management Stacy Lopez - Associate Director, Peace Officer Selection and Employee Development Sara Malone - Chief, Office of the Ombudsman Amy Miller - Associate Director of Female Offender Programs Katherine Minnich - Deputy Director, Human Resources Rosemary Ndoh Warden, Avenal State Prison Suzanne Peery Warden, California Correctional Center Renee Pettis - Chief, Office of Personnel Services Kelly Santoro Warden, North Kern State Prison Jennifer Shaffer - Executive Officer, Board of Parole Hearings Alene Shimazu - Director, Division of Administrative Services Shannon Swain - Deputy Superintendent, Office of Correctional Education Cynthia Tampkins Warden, California Rehabilitation Center Katherine Tebrock - Deputy Director, Statewide Mental Health Program Diana Toche - Undersecretary, Health Care Services Vicky Waters - Press Secretary, Office of Public and Employee Communications Stephanie Welch - Executive Officer, Council on Mentally Ill Offenders Lori Zamora - Deputy Director, Office of Audits and Court Compliance

Mar 3, 7:24 PM

Inmate firefighters from #MuleCreekStatePrison rescued a dog from a burning home in Ione during a fire call on Feb. 25. The team was first to respond to the single-story fire. No persons (or dogs) were injured. #rescue #InmateFirefighters #MuleCreek #Ione #Rehabilitation #CDCR

Mar 3, 0:36 PM

We are live at the R.A. McGee Correctional Training Center in Galt for the Basic Correctional Juvenile Academy Graduation Ceremony at #cdcr #djj #correctionalofficers #graduation #correctionaltrainingcenter #training