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Charleston County School District is a school district within Charleston County, South Carolina, that educates roughly 45,000 kindergarten to 12th grade students in 80 schools. In July 2015, Dr. Nancy J. McGinley, who resigned in October 2014 after serving as superintendent just over seven years, was replaced by Dr. Gerrita Postlewait after Dr. McGinleys termination for her handling of a racially charged incident at one of the districts high schools. Charleston County School district was created by South Carolina Act 340 of the South Carolina General Assembly in 1967. The "Act of Consolidation" took the 8 separate school districts and put them under a county wide district to equally fund education in all areas of the county. The former independent school districts remain as constituent school districts within the structure of the Charleston County School district with their own school boards and duties. (NOTE: District numbering reflects the consolidation of over 25 school districts that existed before desegregation.)