Sep 1, 9:04 AM

An aerial rendering of Stefano Boeri Architettis forest city in Liuzhou, China. Plans are well underway to construct this 342-acre forest city in the northern part of Liuzhou along the Liujiang River. Designed by the Italian architecture firm Stefano Boeri Architetti, the same firm behind Milans vertical forest, the city is intended to help with Chinas pollution problem by absorbing nearly 10,000 tons of carbon dioxide and emitting approximately 900 tons of oxygen each year. Learn more about how builders and architects are making environmentally friendly design a priority. #Liuzhou #China #ForestCity #Sustainability #BlueprintCBRE

Aug 31, 8:55 AM

Looking up at the Torre Virreyes skyscraper located in Mexico City. The building is 130.6 m (428 ft) tall and its unique design allows for open office spaces with no supporting columns. The building also features a green rooftop which incorporates plants, a helipad and solar panels. Photo credit: @henrikcastaneda #Mexico #MexicoCity #Cityscape #Architecture #CBRE #BuildOnAdvantage

Aug 30, 8:52 AM

New Delhi, India. In the early 20th century, while under British rule, India needed a centralized city from which to govern. A site was chosen and named New Delhi. Architects Sir Edwin Lutyens and Sir Herbert Baker were tasked with designing the city to accommodate the country''s massive train system. In doing so, Luytens achieved fame for his work, which can be described as a colonial take on Indian architecture. Read more about the renowned architects behind great cities through the link in our bio. #NewDelhi #India #Architecture #BlueprintCBRE

Aug 29, 9:01 AM

Looking across at the Toronto skyline from Centre Island. The island is the middle of three primary Toronto Island destinations, located between Ward''s Island on the east and Hanlan''s Point on the west. Photo credit: @hmrao84 #Toronto #Canada #CentreIsland #TheViewFrom #CBRE #BuildOnAdvantage