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Catalyst Repository Systems is a company based in Denver, Colorado, USA, which develops cloud-based software for the management of electronic legal discovery. The company’s main product is Catalyst Insight, a platform for managing the processing, search, review and production of electronically stored information. CRS has an office in Tokyo, Japan, and maintains three data centers in the United States and one in Japan. In the mid-1990s, the Denver-based law firm Holland & Hart developed an internal electronic document repository, which allowed the firm’s lawyers to access and share legal documents and litigation files electronically between offices. Development was led by John Tredennick, a partner in the firm. In 1998, Holland & Hart became involved in major litigation that involved more than 300 lawyers at multiple law firms in locations throughout the United States. The firm provided its repository for use among all the lawyers in the case. In another case, involving oil and gas companies, the system connected some 500 attorneys. This test of the system outside the firm, as well as receipt of the ComputerWorld Smithsonian Award in 1999, led lawyers at other firms to request use of the system.
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