Aug 31, 3:30 PM

ALEX: "Rory and I always joked about moving somewhere warm after college, and one day, with a little cash in my pocket and a heart full of virtue, I decided to drive down to Florida a couple months after graduation and chase a new life. CareSync took me into their family and began molding me into a young professional through amazing work culture and fantastic leadership. He might tell you otherwise, but I like to think Rory saw how much fun I was having down here and decided to make the voyage as well. And here we are now, working together all these years after college 1,000 miles away from home. Shake n Bake, am I right?" RORY: "Upon graduation, I took the most thrilling job this world had to offer -- sales for a home remodeling company. Now, while selling windows, roofs, siding and glass doors was a real whirlwind, I came to find that it was something I was not the most passionate about. At this point, Alex had been working with CareSync for a few months and ranted and raved about it. A sales position was open, and I applied with absolutely no intention of moving. But a few weeks after applying I was staring at an offer sheet. Long story short, I took the jump, packed my car, and drove my life down to Tampa to begin a new career at CareSync. For a great many reasons, this was one of the best decisions Ive made in my life. Now Alex and I are just a couple of best buds conquering the healthcare world, one CCM enrollment at a time." (Alex, CareSync Senior Implementation Specialist, & Rory, CareSync Care Coordination Sales Specialist) Learn more about our company and people:

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"Working at CareSync has given me the opportunity to take on various roles and projects that I wouldnt have the flexibility to pursue elsewhere. I have uncovered interests and passions that I never even knew I had thanks to such opportunities, and I am very thankful for that. I constantly feel supported by my team and supervisor, which in turn makes it easy to step foot in this building every day." -Bridget, CareSync Sales Operations Analyst. Learn more about our company and people:

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