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Capsugel is a company that manufactures and sells drug capsules. Capsugel also sells equipment for filling empty and liquid capsules, as well as equipment for sealing liquid capsules. Capsugel was founded in 1931 in Detroit, Michigan as a division of Parke-Davis, after Arthur Colton designed a machine which simultaneously manufactured the body and caps of a hard gelatin capsule, and fit them together. In 1970, Parke-Davis, including Capsugel, was acquired by Warner Lambert, which was acquired by Pfizer in 2000. On 1 August 2011, Pfizer sold Capsugel to global investment firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts for $2.38 billion. Coni-Snap capsules are Capsugels most widely recognized product, a standard two-part hard gelatin capsule that are usually filled with either powder or granules (though they can also be filled with pellets, tablets, pastes, or liquids). Coni-Snap capsules are distributed in multiple sizes and colors.