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Canvas Systems

Canvas Systems

Jul 28, 2:13 PM

Thank you for your continued partnership. This account will begin to publish its updates through the primary Tech Data Facebook page beginning August 1. Visit the Tech Data Corporation page to receive the latest news and insights from our team.

Jul 27, 1:10 PM

We are in the process of redirecting our Facebook page to the Tech Data Corporation Facebook page. Please visit and bookmark the Tech Data page to receive news & info from the worlds premier global IT distributor. This page will become inactive on August 1.

Jul 26, 8:07 PM

On August 1, we will begin to post our updates exclusively on the Tech Data Corporation's Facebook page. To continue to receive updates on our end-to-end solutions, make sure to like the Tech Data Facebook page.

Jul 24, 4:07 PM

Starting August 19, Avnet Services's Facebook content will be published through the Tech Data Facebook page. Thanks for trusting TS to provide relevant industry news through Facebook. Please check in with Tech Data Corporation's page for all of TS updates.