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Campus Advantage

Jul 26, 0:08 PM

""When we learn the language of business together, we become a better business, together..."" - CFO Jon Anderson shares his financial wisdom with the corporate team by playing some CA-opoly!

Jul 24, 11:38 AM

Kicking off this week is a little bittersweet after having to say goodbye to our amazing summer interns - at least we sent you off in BBQ style! Thanks Hannah & Tionna for all the help and MOJO you brought to Austin the last two months, we wish you the best of luck back at your properties and know you''ve got a bright future with Campus Advantage!

Jul 13, 0:40 PM

Community Spotlight: Torchlight Student Living is located near Florida State University -- the only school with its own circus big top. Check them out at!

Jul 10, 0:46 PM

Community Spotlight: University Heights Birmingham is located in Birmingham, Alabama, which has more green space per capita than any other city in the country. Check them out at!