Sep 1, 9:00 PM

"Many companies are turning to speech analytics to monitor and improve efficiency within their organization's contact centers." With an increase in energy prices, companies are starting to realize the importance of contact center efficiency and customer service. Read about it here:

Aug 31, 10:59 PM

It's vital to be able to identify areas for improving efficiency and enhancing the customer experience in your call center. Nationwide Credit Corporation improved compliance with CallMiner Eureka Speech Analytics. Find out how by reading our Case Study here:

Aug 30, 8:59 PM

Have you tried your hand at customer journey mapping? It's become an increasingly popular tool for businesses as the number of touch points that a customer may experience throughout the buying journey. Learn how it works and benefits of customer journey mapping here:

Aug 29, 5:00 PM

How can you make the most of your Speech Analytics? Speech analytics gives you a view into what customers actually think about your brand, products or services, and the overall experience you provide. Read this whitepaper to get the 10 best practices you need to make the most of your speech analytics: