Cramer Krasselt

Cramer Krasselt

Cramer Krasselt

Aug 21, 4:03 PM

C-Kers got into total #CoronaEclipse spirit and took to the cloudy Chicago and NYC streets. Some of us with giant bottles and cans. We also did an #eclipse reenactment with #cookies. A #cookieclipse - yes!

Aug 10, 10:11 PM

This way for #summervibes before they''re gone

Jul 28, 10:08 AM

Meet Kyle from our programmatic DesCK team: ""My role as a Programmatic Trader consists of using crucial data insights to digitally connect clients with the right people at the right time. As a guy who enjoys using data analytics to tell a story... it''s a pretty amazing job to have."" We asked Kyle what he does when he''s not at work and to tell us something about himself: 1. Belting ""My Heart Will Go On"" at Karaoke night. 2. Prior to entering the world of Advertising, I was a biological researcher. #CKLife #Programmatic #TeamDesCK

Jul 26, 10:18 AM

Meet Heather from our programmatic DesCK Team: ""C-K''s differentiator is that they are solutions forward. Never in my career have I worked for a company where problem solving is the number one priority. We are so dedicated to the proper stewardship of our client''s campaigns that we have a dedicated, in-house developer who creates custom software for our team to make our work more efficient and most importantly, accurate. We think about programmatic differently and that sets us apart."" We asked Heather what she does when she''s not at work and to tell us something about herself: 1. When I''m not at work I''m planning my next trip or adding new destinations to my travel bucket list. 2. One unique thing: I almost always bring a bottle of champagne to every social gathering. It''s like my calling card. #CKLife #Programmatic #TeamDesCK

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