Butterball Farms

Butterball Farms

Mar 1, 2:04 PM

Butter has always been a great flavor carrier due to the ease in which flavors can be incorporated, as well as its satisfying mouthfeel. One of my new favorites is infusing butter with a hot sauce, clarifying the butter, then using it to toss with freshly fried tots or lightly breaded and fried vegetables. - Ray Martin (Image via My Life Cookbook) #flavor #butter #butterisback #buttereducation #foodtrends #dining

Feb 3, 1:24 PM

Have you tasted a Buttery Jack from Jack-in-the-Box? Oh, so good! We knew we were on to something special when we created the Buttery Jack line, said Iwona Alter, Chief Marketing Officer at Jack in the Box. The new Triple Bacon Buttery Jack builds on our legacy of buttery burgers, offering a unique and innovative twist with our secret ingredient, bacon butter. We think our loyal guests, as well as new customers, will love the burgers decadent flavors and standout ingredients. (http://www.restaurantnews.com/) #partners #JackintheBox #ButteryJack #burgers #bestbutter

Jan 26, 9:19 AM

A little history lesson: Butterball Farms began as Butterball Turkey and developed a great reputation as a company. Thats why founder Leo Peters made sure to retain the rights to the Butterball name when he sold the turkey patents. The obvious new venture for a company called Butterball was to create butter! http://butterballfarms.com/about-us/history/ #history #butter #buttereducation

Jan 12, 1:11 PM

Did you know that our extensive capabilities in research and development make us uniquely qualified to help you build a superb product? We have experience with thousands of flavors, which gives us an advantage when it comes to creating a customized product for you! #butter #foodservice #ingredients #butterisanatural


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