Welliver McGuire

Welliver McGuire

Welliver McGuire

Jun 19, 1:37 PM

Well done Team Welliver! More than 50 employees volunteered last week at the Five Rivers Council, BSA Boy Scout Resident Camp at Camp Gorton in Dundee, New York. As part of the Camps capital improvement initiative, the need for a roof replacement for the 3,000 square foot Ambassadors Lodge was identified. The Scouts leadership team wanted to ensure this 25 year old headquarters building operated in good working condition so they could continue to serve the scouting community with their summer programs. Challenged with a limited budget, the Boy Scouts reached out to Welliver, along with Corning Building Company, Swarthout Recycling, and the Carpenters Union to support the project. Wellivers team of volunteers, several of whom attended the camp as children, participated in the companys annual community outreach effort. I am impressed that so many of our employees and business partners were willing to give their time on the weekend, said Scott Welliver, the companys 4th generation Chairman and life-long Scout.

May 12, 4:27 PM

Safety is our first priority as our construction team manages the renovation of the Hughes Hall Law School at #CornellUniversity. Toolbox Safety Talks play a critical role in ensuring a thorough understanding of fall hazards and prevention, OSHA standards, and safety procedures. #StandDown4Safety

May 12, 0:59 PM

Welliver has been conducting Toolbox Safety Talks all week to observe OSHAs #StandDown4Safety. Our team at the #StateUniversityConstructionFunds Rehab Agricultural Research Pilot Plant project on the #CornellUniversity Geneva campus is applying their safety expertise to the renovation of 16,000 sf with the existing 81,000 sf laboratory building.

May 11, 6:10 PM

Toolbox Safety Talks are being held by Wellivers construction team at the #RochesterInstituteofTechnology Magic Spell Studios project. Knowledge gained this week during OSHAs #StandDown4Safety is applied as they manage the construction of a 53,000 square foot addition to RITs high-tech environment for imaging arts, gaming, and animation.