BTI Photonic Systems

BTI Photonic Systems

Mar 6, 6:11 PM

Sometimes opportunities will knock on your desk disguised as very hard problem(s) to solve. A successful engineer is the one who will consider this as a challenge and pursue a solution which will transform the challenge into a success story."" Sanjay Khanna, Distinguished Engineer RBU RPD #JuniperLife

Mar 3, 5:36 PM

The cherry blossoms are beginning to bloom around our Sunnyvale offices! Here''s a collection of photos from some of our employees. Thanks for sharing #JuniperLife

Mar 1, 2:03 PM

Ive waited a full 2 years to take this mug shot. When I got the chance, I didnt take it lightly. How many puns (or jokes) can you spy with your little eye? The networking industry doesnt seem like a place for pun, but the opportunity to be creative via word play comes up often, if not every day. In fact, I try to see how many (technically accurate) puns, double entendres, and pop culture references I can stick into my Juniper blog posts. My great success of 2016 was when I successfully made an analogy of connecting different elements of the Cloud, to Pokemon Go. P.S. Beware of bear attacks! - Amy Wong, Product Marketing Manager. #JuniperLife

Feb 27, 5:43 PM

Think big and take ownership. There is innovation waiting to be exploited in any product under development. Be creative and find the fresh ideas, then work hard to bring them to reality. Troy Sheets, Distinguished Engineer JDI Hardware Systems #juniperlife


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